FECIF - The European Federation of Financial Advisers and Financial Intermediaries

FECIF priorities for 2024

For the upcoming year, the board and the members of FECIF are going to focus on the following goals:

  • Continue the work on the Retail Investment Strategy by promoting FECIF position and carrying out the public affairs strategy, with the goal of gaining attention for the skills and the social role of financial advisors.
  • Participate in the consultations of the EU institutions to represent the position of FECIF and its members.
  • Specialize the work among all the Board members on specific areas of interest (e.g. retail investors’ participation, digital finance, sustainability, pensions, gender inclusion etc.).
  • Include insurance advisers in the membership and in the activities of FECIF.
  • Promote and support sustainable finance by developing the role of FECIF in the ESG domain, in particular by promoting the “Billion-air” project.
  • Establish and maintain a more active dialogue with other associations and stakeholders in the sector.
  • Prepare activities, studies and various proposals to be more constructive and to increase FECIF’s role in the European context.
  • Improve external communication, both online and through social media, as well as towards national Associations via the FDM platform.






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