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Our Aims

FECIF has set itself the objective of supporting the development of the concept of independent financial advice and intermediation in the European Economic Area, while seeking to serve the interests of the general public:

to unite and co-ordinate the operations of the various European professional associations (including Switzerland) representing financial advice and mediation sector, without any discrimination;
to represent its members in the context of negotiations with the various bodies of the European Economic Area in order to protect their moral, professional and economic interests, and to play an active role in the development of proposals relating to the organisation and regulation of the professional activities of financial advisers and intermediaries within the European Union;
to encourage the exchange of information between members and to facilitate the circulation of the recommendations and/or rules adopted by the competent regulatory bodies;
to define, by basing itself on certain self-monitoring mechanisms, the necessary vocational training, the means of evaluating skills, and the essential rules for guaranteeing the protection of the interests of this sector and its image with the public.
FECIF studies and propose solutions relating to the development of the financial advice and intermediation sector.

FECIF encourages the promotion of the image of financial advice and mediation professions among European consumers as well as encouraging better organisation of these activities without compromising the association’s non-profit-making character.

FECIF, which sees itself as a trade body aims to  co-operate closely with the European institutions, the consumer associations and the representatives of the product and service suppliers (e.g. AILO, EuroFinuse, Euro-Shareholders, EFAMA, EurelPro, EFB, Insurance Europe etc.).

FECIF is actively involved in the formulation of the legislation on advice and mediation, as well as in the formulation of the regulations in respect of the marketing of financial products and services.

FECIF wishes to facilitate, throughout the European Economic Area and Switzerland, the get-together of financial advisers and intermediaries wanting to work together in order to offer a more high-powered service to their customers.

All the national and European associations of financial advisers and intermediaries have been invited to become members of FECIF. The great majority have accepted this invitation, conscious of the importance of being able to speak with one voice during dialogue with the institutions.

Certain financial groups (banks, insurance companies, etc.) that have shown true commitment alongside the advisers and intermediaries for the development of independent intermediation, became members of FECIF as associate members on the same footing as those advisers and intermediaries that are not already members of a national association.

FECIF co-ordinates all of its activities from its head office in Brussels, a reception centre for the European institutions.








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